14.4.1 Overview of Patchy

Patchy is a set of Python scripts used for testing patches or testing & pushing new commits added to remote/origin/staging to remote/origin/master.

No programmatic skill is required to run either of the scripts; although knowledge of compiling LilyPond and its documentation along with understanding how to configure the PATH environment of your computer is required. See Working with source code.

The two scripts that are used for each function are:

Both of the scripts can be run independently of each other and it is not necessary to be able to run both. So if you wanted to contribute to LilyPond development, for example by just testing patches then this would still be a helpful contribution to LilyPond’s development.

Patchy can also be configured to send emails after each successful (or unsuccessful) operation. This is not a requirement and is turned off by default.

LilyPond — Contributor’s Guide v2.19.24 (development-branch).